About Vanessa Turk

Hi! My name is Vanessa Turk, Queen Camera Operator here at Photographer in Heels. My friends call me V, Ness, Nessa, Vani, Vane, or Turk.

When I’m not snapping photos of amazing people, you can find me at the beach or hiking with my sweet pup Koa, at the gym, reading a good book, cooking for my famiglia or sipping the occasional (and I mean very occasional) glass of champs or tequila cocktail with my friends. I’m a foodie and love just about everything! After living in Hawaii for 3.5 years, I prefer being barefoot in my bikini soaking up the sun️. I’m a social butterfly but also love my alone time to recharge. My #1 love language is physical touch so I’m a big-time hugger and super affectionate with everyone I’m around.

I love business ownership and the freedom it provides. My favorite thing about owning my own business is that I can create anything I imagine up and there are no limits! I owned a boutique spa for 12 years and know a little bit about real estate investing, tax planning, biz structures and self-directed IRA’s.

I’m a believer that we can have anything we want, so long as we have the courage to go after it! I’m devoted to self-development and becoming a better version of myself so I can better serve my community and the people around me. I dream of being in a constant state of creation, playing and laughing, going on fun adventures and exploring the world with amazing people by my side.

I hope I get to laugh with you one day!

About Company

When we support small business, we are supporting a dream. With over 15 years of experience in the world of aesthetics, owning and operating her own businesses, Vanessa’s passion is working with other entrepreneurs who positively impact their industries.

Vanessa helps her clients by bringing their work to life and help tell their stories. It’s through our personal and professional experiences that connects us with others. After all, people work with people they trust. How do we build trust? We share. And what better way to share our message than by beautiful photographs. Beautiful photographs that capture authentic, emotion filled candid moments that tell a story and evoke a feeling.

Vanessa is all about collaboration and teamwork. By working as a photographer, she has the opportunity to help showcase her client’s dreams to the world. Vanessa’s mission to create a safe space for people to shine and be who they really are.