Professional photography isn’t that important for your business; it is essential. Professional photographs can be the most critical factor in whether your business succeeds or not.

Even in an age where every smartphone has a camera that can produce quality photographs, you’re not going to get photographs that do your business justice unless you’re a professional photographer. So, if you aren’t a professional photographer, you really should hire one.

The equipment makes a difference, and high-quality professional photography equipment produces photographs that are of exceptional quality. However, if you don’t have a professional photographer behind the camera, you still won’t be able to produce those unique, breath-taking photographs that capture the essence of the subject matter and stimulate emotion that will command the attention of the viewer.

Professional photographs of your business, your products, your staff, and your business events will provide a solid backbone to your marketing activity. A professional photographer will be able to reflect the culture of your business, the spirit of the brand, and the tone of the message being conveyed.

Statistics show that having high-quality imagery that is unique to your business (no, stock images don’t cut it) can increase the conversions on your website by 161%. That is an improvement many business owners can only imagine. Professional photography has a positive impact on the perception of your brand and improves brand awareness, which increases engagement rates and pushes your conversion rate up.

Professional photographs add to the perception of quality associated with your product and your business. You can have a business that wins awards for service excellence or a visually stunning product. If photography is weak, your products and your business will also look poor.
Most potential customers will find you online and will rely on imagery when deciding whether to hire you or buy your products. You need photographs they can emotionally invest in for them to click that Buy Now or Contact Me button.

Professional photographers will supply you with a myriad of top-quality images that you’ll be able to use in all media, whether it’s your website, a magazine, a flyer, or a post on social media. They’ll be provided in a resolution that is suitable to be used at any size so you can use the photograph on a billboard or banner if you need to.

Captivating photographs are more likely to be shared on social media. They’re also more likely to stimulate more engagement in a world where we are bombarded with information and increasingly selective about what we see. A professional photograph is more likely to compel a potential customer to click through and find out more than a mediocre photograph.

A professional photographer knows what lighting and angle work best, how to frame a shot to highlight the focal point, and how to capture the unique essence of your brand. Professional photography may seem like a cost you can save on, especially when you’re just starting a business. Still, it is an investment that is guaranteed to pay off tenfold. Photographs are the first impression your prospective customers get of your business, so they really should be the first item you should put on your marketing budget.